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Cinch connectors

C48 Series Mil-C 26500 Connector

C48 Series connectors are Cinch connectors that are manufactured to Mil-C 26500. Under the current QPL (Qualified Product Listing), there are a few manufacturers that supply these connectors. When ordering these connectors, Stealth Aerospace will convert them to the Military number. The connectors are usually ordered as the Military number and that is also the way we stock them. In addition, we can offer better pricing this way. When ordering these connectors from Stealth Aerospace, Inc, you may refer to the following table to help you understand the conversion process. Please be aware that Stealth Aerospace adds the proper accessory per your order. You do not need to order accessories separately.

Cinch Series Coupling Style Shell Style Class Shell Size Insert Arrangement Contact Style Shell Position Order Code
C48 0 6 R 10 5 S 6 100
C48 Options: 0, 1 Options: 0, 3, 6 Options: R Options: 8, 10, 12, 14,16, 18, 20, 22, 24 Varies Options: P, S Options: Blank, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Options: 100, 102, 105, 106

Detailed Descriptions

Series: C48
Coupling Style: 0 - Threaded
1 - Bayonet
Shell Style: 0 - Square Flange Receptacle
3 - Single-Hole Mounting Receptacle
6 - Straight Plug
Class: R - Per Mil-C-26500
Shell Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
Insert Arrangement: 8-2, 8-3, 10-2, 10-20, 10-5, 12-3, 12-12, 14-3, 14-4, 14-7, 14-12, 14-15, 16-10, 16-24, 18-8, 18-11, 18-14, 18-31, 20-16, 20-25, 20-28, 20-39, 20-41, 22-12, 22-19, 22-32, 22-55, 24-43, 24-57, 24-61, 24-29, 24-30, 28-42
Contact Style: P - Pins
S - Sockets
Shell Positions: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Special shell polarization keys.
Order Codes: 100 - With Contacts and Clamp
102 - With Contacts less Clamp
105 - Less Contacts with Clamp
106 - Less Contacts and Less Clamp

How To Convert to MS242

Military Prefix Class Shell Size Coupling Style Insert Arrangement Contact Style Shell
MS24264 R 10 B 5 S 6
Options: MS24264, MS24265, MS24266 Options: R Options: 8, 10, 12, 14,16,18, 20, 22, 24 Options: T, B Varies Options: P, S Options: N, 6, 7, 8, 9, Y
Military Prefix:MS24264 - Square-Flange Receptacle
MS24265 - Single-Hole Mounting Receptacle
MS24266 - Straight Plug
Class:R - Per Mil-C-26500
Shell Size:8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
Coupling Style:B - Bayonet
T - Threaded
Insert Arrangement:8-2, 8-3, 10-2, 10-20, 10-5, 12-3, 12-12, 14-3, 14-4, 14-7, 14-12, 14-15, 16-10, 16-24, 18-8, 18-11, 18-14, 18-31, 20-16, 20-25, 20-28, 20-39, 20-41, 22-12, 22-19, 22-32, 22-55, 24-43, 24-57, 24-61, 24-29, 24-30, 28-42
Contact Style:P - Pins
S - Sockets
Shell Positions:6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Special shell polarization keys.

Sample Part Numbers and Cross Reference

Cinch P/N Military P/N Clamp P/N
C48-00R10-20S-102 MS24264R10T20SN
C48-00R10-5P7-102 MS24264R10T5P7
C48-00R10-5S9-102 MS24264R10T5S9
C48-00R12-12S-100 MS24264R12T12SN MS27291-2
C48-00R12-3P6-102 MS24264R12T3P6
C48-00R12-3S8-102 MS24264R12T3S8
C48-00R14-12PY-102 MS24264R14T12P10
C48-00R14-15P-102 MS24264R14T15PN
C48-00R14-15S7-102 MS24264R14T15S7
C48-00R14-3P9-102 MS24264R14T3P9
C48-00R14-4P-100 MS24264R14T4PN MS27291-3
C48-00R14-4S6-102 MS24264R14T4S6
C48-00R14-7P8-102 MS24264R14T7P8
C48-00R14-7SY-102 MS24264R14T7S10
C48-00R16-10S-102 MS24264R16T10SN
C48-00R16-24P7-102 MS24264R16T24P7
C48-00R16-24S9-102 MS24264R16T24S9
C48-00R18-11S-100 MS24264R18T11SN MS27291-5
C48-00R18-14P6-102 MS24264R18T14P6
C48-00R18-14S8-102 MS24264R18T14S8
C48-00R18-31PY-102 MS24264R18T31P10
C48-00R18-8P-102 MS24264R18T8PN
C48-00R18-8S7-102 MS24264R18T8S7
C48-00R20-16P9-102 MS24264R20T16P9
C48-00R20-25P-100 MS24264R20T25PN MS27291-14
C48-00R20-25S6-102 MS24264R20T25S6
C48-00R20-28P8-102 MS24264R20T28P8
C48-00R20-28SY-102 MS24264R20T28S10
C48-00R20-39S-102 MS24264R20T39SN
C48-00R20-41P7-102 MS24264R20T41P7
C48-00R20-41S9-102 MS24264R20T41S9
C48-00R22-12S-100 MS24264R22T12SN MS27291-6
C48-00R22-19P6-102 MS24264R22T19P6
C48-00R22-19S8-102 MS24264R22T19S8
C48-00R22-32PY-102 MS24264R22T32P10
C48-00R22-55P-102 MS24264R22T55PN
C48-00R22-55S7-102 MS24264R22T55S7
C48-00R24-30P9-102 MS24264R24T30P9
C48-00R24-43P-100 MS24264R24T43PN MS27291-15
C48-00R24-43S6-102 MS24264R24T43S6
C48-00R24-57P8-102 MS24264R24T57P8
C48-00R24-57SY-102 MS24264R24T57S10
C48-00R24-61S-102 MS24264R24T61SN
C48-00R8-2P7-102 MS24264R8T2P7
C48-00R8-2S9-102 MS24264R8T2S9
C48-00R8-3S-100 MS24264R8T3SN MS27291-13
C48-06R10-20P6-102 MS24266R10T20P6
C48-06R10-20S8-102 MS24266R10T20S8
C48-06R10-5PY-102 MS24266R10T5P10
C48-06R12-12P-102 MS24266R12T12PN
C48-06R12-12S7-102 MS24266R12T12S7
C48-06R12-3P9-102 MS24266R12T3P9
C48-06R14-12P-100 MS24266R14T12PN MS27291-3
C48-06R14-12S6-102 MS24266R14T12S6
C48-06R14-15P8-102 MS24266R14T15P8
C48-06R14-15SY-102 MS24266R14T15S10
C48-06R14-3S-102 MS24266R14T3SN
C48-06R14-4P7-102 MS24266R14T4P7
C48-06R14-4S9-102 MS24266R14T4S9
C48-06R14-7S-100 MS24266R14T7SN MS27291-3
C48-06R16-10P6-102 MS24266R16T10P6
C48-06R16-10S8-102 MS24266R16T10S8
C48-06R16-24PY-102 MS24266R16T24P10
C48-06R18-11P-102 MS24266R18T11PN
C48-06R18-11S7-102 MS24266R18T11S7
C48-06R18-14P9-102 MS24266R18T14P9
C48-06R18-31P-100 MS24266R18T31PN MS27291-5
C48-06R18-31S6-102 MS24266R18T31S6
C48-06R18-8P8-102 MS24266R18T8P8
C48-06R18-8SY-102 MS24266R18T8S10
C48-06R20-16S-102 MS24266R20T16SN
C48-06R20-25P7-102 MS24266R20T25P7
C48-06R20-25S9-102 MS24266R20T25S9
C48-06R20-28S-100 MS24266R20T28SN MS27291-14
C48-06R20-39P6-102 MS24266R20T39P6
C48-06R20-39S8-102 MS24266R20T39S8
C48-06R20-41PY-102 MS24266R20T41P10
C48-06R22-12P-102 MS24266R22T12PN
C48-06R22-12S7-102 MS24266R22T12S7
C48-06R22-19P9-102 MS24266R22T19P9
C48-06R22-32P-100 MS24266R22T32PN MS27291-6
C48-06R22-32S6-102 MS24266R22T32S6
C48-06R22-55P8-102 MS24266R22T55P8
C48-06R22-55SY-102 MS24266R22T55S10
C48-06R24-30S-102 MS24266R24T30SN
C48-06R24-43P7-102 MS24266R24T43P7
C48-06R24-43S9-102 MS24266R24T43S9
C48-06R24-57S-100 MS24266R24T57SN MS27291-15
C48-06R24-61P6-102 MS24266R24T61P6
C48-06R24-61S8-102 MS24266R24T61S8
C48-06R8-2PY-102 MS24266R8T2P10
C48-06R8-3P-102 MS24266R8T3PN
C48-06R8-3S7-102 MS24266R8T3S7
C48-10R10-20P9-102 MS24264R10B20P9
C48-10R10-5P-100 MS24264R10B5PN MS27291-1
C48-10R10-5S6-102 MS24264R10B5S6
C48-10R12-12P8-102 MS24264R12B12P8
C48-10R12-12SY-102 MS24264R12B12S10
C48-10R12-3S-102 MS24264R12B3SN
C48-10R14-12P7-102 MS24264R14B12P7
C48-10R14-12S9-102 MS24264R14B12S9
C48-10R14-15S-100 MS24264R14B15SN MS27291-3
C48-10R14-3P6-102 MS24264R14B3P6
C48-10R14-3S8-102 MS24264R14B3S8
C48-10R14-4PY-102 MS24264R14B4P10
C48-10R14-7P-102 MS24264R14B7PN
C48-10R14-7S7-102 MS24264R14B7S7
C48-10R16-10P9-102 MS24264R16B10P9
C48-10R16-24P-100 MS24264R16B24PN MS27291-4
C48-10R16-24S6-102 MS24264R16B24S6
C48-10R18-11P8-102 MS24264R18B11P8
C48-10R18-11SY-102 MS24264R18B11S10
C48-10R18-14S-102 MS24264R18B14SN
C48-10R18-31P7-102 MS24264R18B31P7
C48-10R18-31S9-102 MS24264R18B31S9
C48-10R18-8S-100 MS24264R18B8SN MS27291-5
C48-10R20-16P6-102 MS24264R20B16P6
C48-10R20-16S8-102 MS24264R20B16S8
C48-10R20-25PY-102 MS24264R20B25P10
C48-10R20-28P-102 MS24264R20B28PN
C48-10R20-28S7-102 MS24264R20B28S7
C48-10R20-39P9-102 MS24264R20B39P9
C48-10R20-41P-100 MS24264R20B41PN MS27291-14
C48-10R20-41S6-102 MS24264R20B41S6
C48-10R22-12P8-102 MS24264R22B12P8
C48-10R22-12SY-102 MS24264R22B12S10
C48-10R22-19S-102 MS24264R22B19SN
C48-10R22-32P7-102 MS24264R22B32P7
C48-10R22-32S9-102 MS24264R22B32S9
C48-10R22-55S-100 MS24264R22B55SN MS27291-6
C48-10R24-30P6-102 MS24264R24B30P6
C48-10R24-30S8-102 MS24264R24B30S8
C48-10R24-43PY-102 MS24264R24B43P10
C48-10R24-57P-102 MS24264R24B57PN
C48-10R24-57S7-102 MS24264R24B57S7
C48-10R24-61P9-102 MS24264R24B61P9
C48-10R8-2P-100 MS24264R8B2PN MS27291-13
C48-10R8-2S6-102 MS24264R8B2S6
C48-10R8-3P8-102 MS24264R8B3P8
C48-10R8-3SY-102 MS24264R8B3S10
C48-16R10-20S10-102 MS24266R10B20S10
C48-16R10-5P7-100 MS24266R10B5P7 MS27291-1
C48-16R10-5S9-100 MS24266R10B5S9 MS27291-1
C48-16R12-12S10 MS24266R12B12S10
C48-16R12-3P6-100 MS24266R12B3P6 MS27291-2
C48-16R12-3S8-100 MS24266R12B3S8 MS27291-2
C48-16R14-12PY-100 MS24266R14B12P10 MS27291-3
C48-16R14-15P10-102 MS24266R14B15P10
C48-16R14-15S7-100 MS24266R14B15S7 MS27291-3
C48-16R14-3P9-100 MS24266R14B3P9 MS27291-3
C48-16R14-4P10 MS24266R14B4P10
C48-16R14-4S6-100 MS24266R14B4S6 MS27291-3
C48-16R14-7P8-100 MS24266R14B7P8 MS27291-3
C48-16R14-7SY-100 MS24266R14B7S10 MS27291-3
C48-16R16-10S10-102 MS24266R16B10S10
C48-16R16-24P7-100 MS24266R16B24P7 MS27291-4
C48-16R16-24S9-100 MS24266R16B24S9 MS27291-4
C48-16R18-11S10 MS24266R18B11S10
C48-16R18-14P6-100 MS24266R18B14P6 MS27291-5
C48-16R18-14S8-100 MS24266R18B14S8 MS27291-5
C48-16R18-31PY-100 MS24266R18B31P10 MS27291-5
C48-16R18-8P10-102 MS24266R18B8P10
C48-16R18-8S7-100 MS24266R18B8S7 MS27291-5
C48-16R20-16P9-100 MS24266R20B16P9 MS27291-14
C48-16R20-25P10 MS24266R20B25P10
C48-16R20-25S6-100 MS24266R20B25S6 MS27291-14
C48-16R20-28P8-100 MS24266R20B28P8 MS27291-14
C48-16R20-28SY-100 MS24266R20B28S10 MS27291-14
C48-16R20-39S10-102 MS24266R20B39S10
C48-16R20-41P7-100 MS24266R20B41P7 MS27291-14
C48-16R20-41S9-100 MS24266R20B41S9 MS27291-14
C48-16R22-12S10 MS24266R22B12S10
C48-16R22-19P6-100 MS24266R22B19P6 MS27291-6
C48-16R22-19S8-100 MS24266R22B19S8 MS27291-6
C48-16R22-32PY-100 MS24266R22B32P10 MS27291-6
C48-16R22-55P10-102 MS24266R22B55P10
C48-16R22-55S7-100 MS24266R22B55S7 MS27291-6
C48-16R24-30P9-100 MS24266R24B30P9 MS27291-15
C48-16R24-43P10 MS24266R24B43P10
C48-16R24-43S6-100 MS24266R24B43S6 MS27291-15
C48-16R24-57P8-100 MS24266R24B57P8 MS27291-15
C48-16R24-57SY-100 MS24266R24B57S10 MS27291-15
C48-16R24-61S10-102 MS24266R24B61S10
C48-16R8-2P7-100 MS24266R8B2P7 MS27291-13
C48-16R8-2S9-100 MS24266R8B2S9 MS27291-13
C48-16R8-3S10 MS24266R8B3S10

Please use this page for general information only. Do not rely on this information for design or installations without the proper documentation and training from the original OEM, QPL, and/or PMA holder. Stealth Aerospace shall be held harmless to any damage caused by relying on the information provided within this website.