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Connectors and connector accessories are one of our largest lines.

Here are some samples of the parts number we carry.
Click on a series to an example of our stock.

100013- CA DC20 thru DC26 MS24266
387HA CA3100 DC40 MS27473
627AA CA3106 DC50 THRU DC56 MS3100 thru MS3128
8525- CBC DC60 thru DC63 MS3400 thru MS3406
ACC CDC G2937- MS3450 thru MS3459
AMC CN0986 GTR MS3470 thru MS3476
BACC45 CTR- M83723
BACC63 D38999 MS24264
BKAD DC06 MS24265
Proprietary Connectors
10-561xxx-xx 42839KS C48- FH FRF FZ-
217- 48-xxxx FC FPK FVF ZZY