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Manufactured Part Numbers
All the part numbers are listed in the categories within. 

Quality System
We stock an extensive inventory in Wamco Lamps and Micro Lamps miniature lamps.   Wamco Lamps now owns Micro Lamps and have been serving the Aerospace lighting industry for over 30 years.  The high quality standards have established them and a reputable manufacturer of lamps and bulbs.  Strict FAA/PMA & QPL Spec requirements keep their  standards high.  Wamco Lamps manufacturers FAA/PMA approved lamps on specific industry standard lamps. 

Cross Referencing
Many of the lamps listed in the Mini Incandescent section are industry standard lamps manufactured under and industry standard.  The ML in the beginning of the part number stand for Micro Lamps and can be substituted on almost all lamps with the different lamp manufactures.  For example, a GE387, OL387, CM387, WL387 and ML387 are all equivalent lamps and manufactured under the same industry standard.   The GE stands for General Electric, OL for Oshino Lamps, CM for Chicago Miniature, and WL for Wamco Lamps.

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